Summer camping at Haugh Rigg Farm

Beginning in the week of July we were having record-breaking temperatures, which I thought would be a great time for camping; so I booked a place in one of my favourite places, the North Yorkshire Moors. My friend and I had a few requirements that the campsite had to meet: Campfires allowed and dogs allowed as I would be taking Echo, just like on all of my outdoor adventures. With these requirements in mind, we found a small farm just past the moors that was priced at a very reasonable £12/night.

Unlike most of my trips, I had prepared all of my gear a few days in advance in hopes not to forget anything this time. We decided to tarp camp since the weather forecast looked brilliant. Our drive down was fairly standard until we came to the final road; this road looked more like a footpath, and I initially drove past it. I sent my friend down just to make sure you could fit a car down, to which he said it may be tight but is totally possible. Off I went down this tiny road hoping for an easy final stretch, oh how I was wrong. The road was barely wide enough for my small car to fit down with trees and bushes sticking in my window and being on a tilt, to a sand-filled gap to allow me past. This was quite possibly the scariest road I had ever driven down. The worst of which was yet to come, due to many years of use the middle of the road was higher than my car, I ended scraping the bottom of my car a few times, on occasion setting my horn off.

Alas, we arrived in one piece, we set up the tarp and prepared for the England vs Sweden match which we had every intention of streaming. Once setup I got down to business and got the stove out to make a brew! However, the last time I used my stove it was -7C and I had gloves on so I didn’t know how hot the valve got and I proceeded to brand my thumb with its outline. The cup of tea was great though!


The weather we gained was far too warm for my northern being, hitting 31 degrees I felt like I was melting away so I had to retreat to the car just so I could turn the air conditioning on. By this time the football was about to start so I quickly downloaded the BBC iPlayer app and propped my phone up on the dashboard and we streamed the first half with no issues; As we were progressing through the match we got a bit peckish so we split some wood to get it lit then cooked some burgers! I, being a fancy northerner, made venison burgers topped with a smoked Bavarian cheese. They were delicious however they didn’t last long enough for me to grab a photo.

The second half was approaching and I needed to get the stream back on but my phone overheated due to the sheer temperature of outside so after giving it a moment to cool It decided it could power on again, which was great since we got to see the end of an absolutely brilliant match.

Once the match finished we just relaxed in the sun for a while, the weather didn’t cool down till much later on the night so it was almost unbearable. Since we didn’t want to use the entire trip just sitting around we headed off on a little adventure around the area, after around an hour the heat was deathly and Echo was exhausted so we headed back. We saw this amazing looking house, on our journeys so I grabbed a picture.


We decided we should get the fire up as we needed to burn 16kg of wood before bedtime. We started off by splitting some of the logs for kindling using my Fiskars X7 which served us perfectly for splitting the kiln dried birchwood.

With the fire raging and the number of midges declining due to the smoke, we could finally relax so we decided that more food was required. I brought boar steak and my friend a sirloin, I also remembered extras so we had tomatoes and beans to accompany this. Although whilst our beans were heating up we noticed an issue; we both forgot spoons, remember how I said I packed early so I didn’t forget anything? Well, that didn’t work. How were we going to our beans? The answer was sat next to us, in the form of a bag of wood, we whittled ourselves spoons and had a competition on who could create the best one. Both of us were required to use a different tool, I thankfully got the Morakniv knife, a perfect knife for this kind of task, my friend, however, got the axe; As we were close to finishing we both swapped tools as the finishing touches we were applying required a change of machinery.


By this time our beans were ready, so I forgot to grab a photo (once again). My friend decided I was the winner and I felt like a success!

After this, it was time just relax by the fire and watch the Sun set around us. This happened fairly late into the night, however, once it had set the glow of the fire was mesmerising. I even got this great shot from the tarp!


The pile of wood slowly depleted and we decided it was time to head back to bed as we had plans early the next day, sleeping was not without its annoyances though; I eventually managed to settle down to sleep then I woke in the night to find my pillow had deflated so I blew it back up and was out for the count until around 6am when I woke with terrible neck pain due to the pillow deflating once again, not wanting to get up yet I gave my final attempt of blowing the pillow back up to grab a couple more z’s.

As morning arrived, I woke to my pillow deflated again so I will have to check it for holes to patch it up. Overall my sleep was great with my super lightweight down sleeping bag, with a comfort rating of 15 degrees I slept as cool as possible; If my pillow didn’t deflate numerous times I feel like my sleep would have been even better.

Overall my stay at Haugh Rigg Farm was brilliant and I highly recommend it, in fact, I have booked to stay here again this month with a few different friends as its a low priced campsite and makes for a great getaway in this beautiful weather.


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